30 Jul 2012

Losing track of time

Is it monday already? We have been working for the past 7 days and the time just starts to melt together!

On thursday and friday we were busy building a mini Mash-Up shop in the Mash-Up shop. Here we are building our brick wall!

And the classic "painting till you trap yourself in a square" comic book-worthy photo

We literally pushed everything from Millenia Walk all the way to Suntec, we probably looked like idiots. And we had to heave and push things up escalators because we couldn't get to the lift. So glamorous.

Coonvenient hoodie that could hold all the rubbish, like the double sided tape paper as I was peeling it off. 

And after all the setting up, we brought ourselves to SCAPE Warehouse where the Marcellie charity runway show was held. We were a little late :/ It was put together by youths in 3 weeks and the driving point of the show was so clear; youths can do great things and we all need to have compassion for the ones who don't have it as good as us.
There were some pretty cool t-shirts made by the Pathlight students modelled on stage, they all sold for $50 and were gone by the end of the night.

Haha! Even our photos look tired. They showed our Mash-Up video and Shaf and I were horrified to see ourselves on screen. It is always horrible to see yourself in videos...no? just us?
Soooo that was our friday night.

Saturday and sunday was spent at the ST CLASSIFIEDS fashion and IT fair and it was a full week-end.
I think people need to see this; its the aftermath of everything where everyone looks like shit and sweaty and has to dismantle everything.

And that is why, folks, Mash-Up mondays is late ;)

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