2 Jan 2015


Before we all get emotional , we would like to take the time to thank everyone that has joined us on our journey in 2014 - We've been truly blessed to have all these opportunities and support amongst our family, friends and even the MASHUPTRIBE .  

It's been tough but we thank all of you for believing in our vision for this label. When we started , we've been told its a label that isn't for everyone but we've had so much support since then - the MASHUPTRIBE is ever-growing and we thank you for that . We've met many independent designers along this journey and have made so many new friends and realized we are all in this together and will continue to support each other - So that this generation of creatives will be a force to be reckoned with.

We ask you to reminisce with us, here's a summary of 2014  in photos : 

1.  Our first overseas pop-up in Tokyo ,Japan with other Singaporean designers ( couldn't have done it without PARCO next Next, Thank you PARCO for giving this platform for young designers , when the news that PARCO next NEXT was closing came , we were heartbroken but we've successfully graduated - definitely wiser and more older now -  we couldn't have done it without you!!! Also thank you Daniel Boey for always looking out for us and believing in us <3 <3 ) >

2. A collab with Pioneer headphones : We got to pimp up their headphones and create a one-of a kind tee !!

3. Ran a series of D.I.Y workshops with the National library >>>

4. Got ourselves stocked at Superspace !!! ( When the news of the new store opening came , we were so excited . Thank you Bobby, Sam and Gilda for getting us to be part of Superspace . It's nice to have like-minded individuals supporting each other - and we hope to grow with Superspace in the near future ! )

5. So happy to have joined LahLahLand , thank you Ed and Sun for having us !! ( pic via Streething)

6. Pop-up event at @ LLL+ with Singapore and Thai Designers, thank you Ed and Sun for organizing this event , it was great to have gotten close to the designers over the past 5 days, and getting to know you guys ! See y'all in the near future !( pic courtesy of Chung )

7. OMG SEEING YELLE IN THE NOODLE JUMPER WAS THE MOST SURREAL EXPERIENCE EVER, we remember listening and dancing to her songs when we first started partying with the Butterfactory and in college . 

8. KIMONO KOLLAB - we made some one of a kind pieces with vintage kimonos for this pop-up : big thank you to Daniel Boey ( yet again ) and Noriko Collins for this !!! 

9. Our friend Charles invited MASH-UP to judge one of the Lasalle student's projects >>

10.  collaborated with C + C & co. , Natsuko  and Reds agency for our #mashupdigitribe campaign which lead to a exhibition in Canvas !

11.  #MASHUPDIGITRIBE guerilla fashion show and exhibition at Canvas. Thank you TEAM CANVAS  and all our talents / friends who helped out with this project !  Couldn't have done it without all of you !!

12. hosted two workshops making emoji badges at Canvas>>> 

13. Biggest achievement of 2014 : our first solo fashion show at Digital Fashion Week ( thank you TEAM DFW especially Frederick for all the help ! Also would like to thank Charina Widjaja for believing in us and helping us achieve one of our milestones  )

13. our first show overseas alongside Singapore designers of DFW in Bangkok Fashion Week, it was an honour to be handpicked to show amongside Singapore legends Max tan and Thomas wee . It was also great to have grown closer to Linda Hao of Yesah with this trip ( pic via pearnwstyle.com )

14 : LASTLY , all the BASH-UP parties leading up to the last BASH-UP party ever ( also the sad goodbye to Butterfactory ) Thank you Butterfactory for always supporting local young talents / designers , and always believing in the subcultures of Singapore

We want to excite and make the world a fun-ner place and once again , thank you for being part of this journey with us > we ask you to join us on our journey as we take on 2015 with a bang ! 


14 Nov 2014

Les Femme d'Algers

Digital Fashion Week is finally over ! It's been a cray Month ...We would like to thank everyone that has contributed one way or another for this show - and Digital Fashion Week for this wonderful opportunity . So amazing to have met new friends and new fans , everyones support means the world to us .  

our SS15 is titled Les Femme d'Algers, this collection was inspired by artworks done about women during the Algerian War in the 60s. One of our starting points was a powerful set of portraits taken by Marc Garanger of the women who are staring defiantly into the camera. We were also inspired by the cubist series also titled Les femmes D'Alger by Pablo Picasso, which completely broke down the way women were 'stared at' as objects in previous orientalist paintings and freed them through cubism instead. Using the power of Art to create narratives where women were emancipated from traditional ways of seeing, we are trying to convey this toughness and emancipation in our own Mash-Up way. 

Expect the 'toughness' of a girl-gang in the use of motorcycle jacket elements, the deconstruction and fraying of fabrics and the use of leather. This 'toughness' gives way to soft and fresh materials like neoprene, jerseys and iridescent organdie. The colour palette travels from stark white to a darker engineered denim, as well as various prints in bright colours. The hand-crafted elements are brought back for this collection; expect hand-embroidered and sequinned sweatshirts, jackets and jumpsuits all part of the narrative. The silhouettes remain fresh and young with t-shirts, t-shirt dresses and sweatpants being deconstructed and re-worked. "

Check out a teaser campaign shot by the talented Joyce Lui feat our main hypegirl Nadia Rahmat and braids ( that took forever ) by Christian <3 <3 <3 

Still not really over #digitalfashionweek >> its our very first solo showcase and the very first time we showed 26 looks , can't believe we actually pulled it off . There were so many obstacles along the way but everything fell into the place in the end , check out this killer photo by Royston Neo >>
Some backstage shenanigans by Clarence Aw >>>>

no idea what's happening here >>>

Closeup of the PUMA shoes that were sponsored for the show > those sneaker wedges tho ! <3 <3 <3

detail shot of our sponsor >>Ziiro watches, that complimented our looks 

loaned a bunch of handmade harnesses and chokers from a local brand K.O.T.H >>>

How amazing are all the Berber face tattoos that are hand drawn by Tiffany ! >>> Here's Tiffany in action >>

The make-up look by Bodyshop really complimented the face tattoos >

Our current obsession with braids visualized by the team over at Label M >>

Selfie central happenin backstage >>>>

no idea what's happenin ? >> 

closeup of embroidery details >>

one of the acrylic nails getting stuck on the braids (don't know how that happens) >>>>

Dinu custom made some hats for our runway , they are sickkkk !!!!>>>
& now a closeup of some acrylic nails done by Rebecca , its got a piercing on the index finger  so cool !!!! 

Here's a rare photo of us together with the hosts of #digitalfashionweek ,Yvette and Rana is wearing our SS15 sequin  looks and killing it !!! They have been supporters of MASH-UP for a long time so its been amazing to hang out and see them during Digital Fashion Week  >>

After Digital Fashion Week in Singapore we flew to Bangkok to be part of the Singapore collective showcase showing alongside Thomas Wee, Max Tan and Yesah for Bangkok International Fashion Week , It was such an amazing experience . We met new friends and got to know fellow Singaporean designers, at the same time be part of the exciting energy of the fashion community in Bangkok

Here with Linda of Yesah with the BIFW schedule at Siam Paragon as our backdrop !

Reminisce Digital Fashion Week with us  via Youtube