23 Jul 2012

Papercuts, brain overloads and crippled teams

So it is looking like a crazy week-end this time round.

We have 2 major things coming up at Mash-Up and its proving to be a little of a brain overload, Nat would be leaving soon for Down Under so we're going to be a little crippled at the studio.

On friday we are going to be showing at a runway show at SCAPE and it's really cool because it is done by youths to give back to the community so all proceeds go to charity. We met the models and the organizers and they're just so driven, its really inspiring and we are glad to be part of it. I am just wondering what I was doing at that age..hmmm. Find out more about Marcellie here>> :)

We are preparing props for our booth this weekend at the ST CLASSIFIEDS IT AND FASHION SHOWCASE @ SUNTEC CITY, we have suffered our first papercut today (have you ever heard of someone being papercut on the eyeball? ) so we will be definitely posting about it once Shaf's thumb has recovered.

Speaking of recovery, last LAST week-end was spent in the studio preparing for Nation Pride. I have always been obsessed with tourist merchandize (like those cheesy SINGAPORE IS A FINE CITY t-shirts) and even considered making a collection based solely on them. Shall we go on a whole discussion on what creates meaning and how stereotypes contribute to the deteorating of culture? I think not. Sometimes I don't know the fine line between kitsch and plain..nonsense. So here are some pictures of things that we used for the garment we are going to be unveiling during National Day (proceeds of which will go to charity).

And on the subject of National Day I have completely recovered from my super inspiring trip in Europe. I hope you see the link there. And here is Mash-Up infront of a piece of the Berlin wall that has been covered in chewing gum, also in front of a bench covered in duct tape and also begging on the streets.

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