14 Aug 2012

Shark Week!

How consistent we have been with out updates!
Sometimes real life gets too hectic for our virtual one ;) 
we promise we will try harder.
And because pictures speak louder than words, here is what we have been up to!
Nat has been in Australia swimming for inspiration with Nathalie and Marcus, they got up to no good and shot our A/W 2012/13 campaign! It looks super good, me and Shaf were vibrating in our seats with excitement ;) :D

Here are backstage shots of the shoot!!

The next collection is a lot more relaxed (or maybe not, how relaxed can you get with sharks around mmm?) It also gives a nod to the seapunk online phenomenon that was rampant in online communities earlier this year. Still keeping with our motto of making fashion fun, we had a lot of fun designing it and Nat has obviously had a lot of fun shooting it ;) 

While he was gone, this is what Shaf and I have been up to. We had anb event for National Day and we made a garment our of Singapore's National Costume; t-shirt and jeans.  And also Gilda from Revasseur has a really crazy bear dress that we all want to hug!

Shaf posing while we were running errands...hmmmm he claims his inspiration was this:

And we leave you with this delicious old school snack that we grew up with and now costs 4 times its old price >:( 

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