4 Jun 2012


So my cousin told me I got stomped... and now people call me Batik Man... Its actually quite funny , the Parco designers were making fun of me during a meeting... I always take it for granted and actually think nobody would actually notice me ( who am i kidding )... anyways I'm wearing  one of MASH-UP's money tee: 

I love how people actually take time to comment( or even take the time to sneak a photo) , somebody said I was a vm in a high end boutique . erm hmm still wondering who my evil twin is .... I think alot of people also expect me to be angry, which I'm not... I mean I get stared at almost 80% of the time in public... and Its not like I think im fashionable, I just express myself through my clothes , its like art. you like it or you don't... dosn't bother me. Really funny tho !! haha red more about it here : CLICK 

Batik man loves everybody,
till next time cyberspace,
Batik man = Nat

1 comment:

  1. Awesome Nat! You should be proud of that... it means you're unique and sadly not many people here are it seems ;-)