4 Jun 2012

              MASH- UP MONDAY !!!!!!!!                     

I know It's abit late, but here are some photos of the Lasalle Graduate's work via their facebook page... I'm very biased I know but how amazing are Josiah's pieces ?? !@#(*!@#*!#(!@#(!@#*!(@*#! !!!! The techni-coloured fabrics...OH MY GOD. Here's JO$iah with his street Gods :

Some of my other favorite : Liu Xuan Xiu sent down THIS PEICE ! ?!!

 Maria Goretty Natalia's :

This dress is so epic I wanna wear it ( but I'm a boy that don't wear dresses )Mark Fast will be proud !!

Catherine Chew's collection was perfect , really like the silhouettes and prints ... It felt like a culture clash but In a good way ...

 #SEAPUNK alert !!!. Bi Yue sent down mermaids, really want the seahorse earrings :

have a good Monday everybody , hope the Lasalle graduates inspired you as much as they did to me. Here's a song to take away your Monday Blues: 


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