11 Jun 2012

                   MASH-UP MONDAY !!!!              

How's it going everybody !! Hope your Monday's been great so fa !!! Dani is leaving Singapore as we speak , she's gonna conquer europe and will only be back in July... MASH-UP IS NOT COMPLETE :( !!! It was a crazy weekend for us : 

  • Friday was kind of a reunion at BUTTERFACTORY since Dydy and Darren are back... Rita Surprised us on that day too, coming back to Singapore without telling us ... It was off the hook !! It was like we were 18 again !!!
  • Saturday was the POSHISM FASHION FEUD event , there was a prize for winning best dressed, so we went all out... ps. we didn't get the memo that V.I.Ps were not allowed to win the prize tho ... haha but over-dressed we did anyways...
  • Saturday was also Lenne's birthday... we went karaoke and I unleashed my inner Jay-Z. Happy birthday Lenne ! (: 

Here's a recent photo of us at the POSHISM event :

DAVE wearing our FACE-OFF hoodie tee with DYDY holding a Jug of Poison..

Zool In wolfgang shirt and a very "poisoned" Dani>>>

A balloon sculptor making Lenne a Balloon Unicorn ....

There was a Singtel ice sculptor outside of zouk , there were prizes in the ice and if you manage to get it out using the tools they provide you'll get the prize ... we tried............... unfortunately we failed. #losers >>

Just got word that we are collaborating with Swarovski  for the upcoming Nation pride event...  They invited us to their showroom for a workshop and i'm really excited for this collaboration !!! ( sorry, I don't know why I'm attracted to shiny things... )

How great are their trend boards>> !!!!

So shinyyy ... so excited .... !!!!


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