19 Feb 2014


Its been a crazy week for us !! We are moving out on the 23rd of February from Parco next Next so other than packing up the store , we're also prepping for our pop-up store in Tokyo (wooooooh !!! ) plus working on the next collection .... ANDDDD prepping for BASH-UP (which we are sooooo excited about )...

We've recently been asked by one of our friends Charles, who's a lecturer in Lasalle , to be a mock client for his class. 

I clearly remember those days back in Lasalle with Shaf and Dani , surviving on redbull and coffee due to lack of sleep . Tau Hue ( Soya Bean ) breaks . Hiding from security guards while we stay over in school to finish our projects . Even though we were all from different classes, we grew close . 

So when Charles invited all of us to be on the judging panel of his class's assessment day presentation, we felt really honoured and it was nostalgic being back in school. It was also so surreal that we are on the judging panel, it seems like yesterday when we were the ones giving these presentations. 

Here's some photos courtesy of Charles  ( somebody needs to get us as judges on tv LOLLL) :

Literally died seeing our own faces on their slides ( LOL )

Charles ," Hey guys, lets stop for a photo ! "

Charles, " No ! Nat, Shaf, Dani raise your hands up " Me , " Err, ok "

pulling poker faces

Super duper impressed by this particular students work ^^^ its so simple and subtle using mere emoticons hating myself for not remembering his name at this very moment !! 

It was so refreshing to see other designers take on MASH-UP , big <3 to Charles for inviting us and big <3 to his amazing class !!! 


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