27 Jan 2014


Its been ages since we've blogged !!! I can't believe its 2013 , its been two years since we started and we're going to be leaving Parco next Next soon. 2014 is a yr of new beginnings , and we're nervous but excited for it ! Lets take a look at how 2013 was ( in random order ) 

1. our first front cover - Nylon Indonesia 

2. Uniqlo Collaboration with South East Asian Designers !

3 . Uniqlo x S.E.A designers kidswear !

4. Stocked at Actually @313 

5. Moved MASH-UP HQ to Bali for a month 

6. hand drawn tee for National Day

7. Dressed a couple of youths for the National Day 2013 Anthem

8. Being Star Strucked by Trippple Nippples at Parco next Next 

9. Collaboration giveaway with Big Night out festival 

10. Got invited to do a Fashion Show with several Singaporean, Korean and Japanese designers for StylexStyle that was broadcasted on Channel U

11. Made it to ASOS Marketplace spotlight page for DIGITAL FASHION WEEK 

12. Our first Digital Fashion Week Exhibition Booth

13. Closed the Parco next Next show at Audi Fashion Festival 

14. Collaborated with Nokia to do an Accessory to Showcase the phone

15. Joined Workshop Element at Westgate Jurong 
 16. Had our first Fashion Showcase at Butterfactory for BASH-UP 

17. Did a custom Jacket for  a client 

18. Had an amazing last BASH-UP of the year introducing performer Gaffy !

19. Joined the girls of Underground Market 
20. Had a Pop-up at Robinsons at Jems ! 

21. Joined our first Tradeshow : Blueprint !
 22.  Had a Pop-up at Topshop with two other Singaporean Labels !!!
 23. Did an amazing show with the Butterfactory for an after party 

We are really excited for 2014 , So many projects up our sleeves . Firstly, we are finally having our first overseas Pop-up at Parco Shibuya Tokyo !!!  We can't wait !! We also wanna thank the MASH-UP tribe for their support and everyone else for giving us opportunities ( especially Parco next Next ) , all the blood sweat and tears was worth it and we invite you to join our journey for the rest of the year  !! Keep watching our social media spaces for more exciting news ! 



We wanna wish all a Happy Belated New yr, bring it on 2014 !



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