20 Nov 2012


Its November !!!! This means its farewell to two of MASH-UP's favourite girls , RANA who will be in London for 3 Months and our hype girl NATHALIE who will be moving to London. 

I remember seeing Rana for the first time : I was wearing a leopard print blazer and shirt and she took a photo of me, that was her first Parco next Next event and she definitely remembered me during the media event introducing us and the new batch of Parco next Next  and been a great supporter of MASH-UP and a dear friend . 

I remember working with Nathalie for the first time, she had a bob and I was bald (blame the army) I was styling a testshoot for her at old changi hospital. When our model dislocated her arm during the last look during our shoot, it was a sign that we would be the best of friends and be working partners for a very long time. 

Here's Nathalie and Rana walking for our show : 

Natttttyyyyyy :

Really will miss these girls alot , for more of Rana:

and like Nathalie's facebook group here:



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