14 Nov 2012


How's it going everybody,  time seem to pass so fast !! Apologies for the lack of post of late, we've been working on our SS13 and we've seen the samples its very exciting !!!

So I've recently came back from Jakarta I would like to thank everybody who made it a memorable and amazing trip. Special shout out to Amot who brought us around and let us stay with your family, and to all my new friends, it was great to meet like-minded people, see you around one way or another !! missing everybody In Jakarta

Here's the summary of all the madness that happened in Jakarta : 

^^ Amot fetching me and Stefan from the airport before heading to his meeting and then a quick change in his office before the ANONYMOUS show 

^^Stefan and I doing our 'fresh face' poses , our first reunion photo with Amot , Stefan wears top by ANONYMOUS and sweats by MASH-UP . I'm wearing an ANONYMOUS shirt over an all MASH-UP ensemble  and a vintage fanny pack , Amot's wearing a jumpsuit by ANONYMOUS. I really enjoyed the ANONYMOUS show, its very street and the details on the garments are pretty amazing, I loved the colours and styling especially the spray painted vans and this amazing printed Vinyl coat.

^^Random Cat I drew on Amot's Ipad for Shanna

^^ our Very indonesian Breakfast every morning outside Amot's room 

Tempe Tahu and Nasi Goreng, I could get used to this

^^Being very shameless and posing in Amot's home : I'm wearing an amazing gold ensemble from Amot's label ISIS, a vintage Versace inspired shirt along with accessories from bangkok and India, gold socks from Zara, Bronze shoes from etsy and Amot's black Clutch.

^All Dolled up in ISIS 

Haha, I forgive whoever spelt my name , my Valley girl name shall now be called Sheny . ISIS's prints for the new collection is very refreshing , and I don't think I've seen Amot designing with so much colours before . Amot told me that people always look forward to ISIS's show because its entertaining, this year, he got 30 talents, celebrities and performers : 

^^Yes I am not proud of it but I take really bad photos at Fashion shows 

^^Neysa !!!! the Fiercestt woman on the Catwalk

Amot and Andrea the brains behind ISIS

Once again, I would like to thank everyone in Jakarta for making this trip fun and memorable, and congratulations to Adit , Amot and Andrea, see all of you soon 


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