18 Jun 2012


                    MASH- UP MONDAY                    
                    MASH- UP MONDAY                   
                    MASH- UP MONDAY                   

So while Dani was away, we got approached to design a T-shirt for a spread in Seventeen magazine. Basically, its a National Day theme we did a swag out version of the 1000 doller bill and created a "money house". Among all the labels that were approached some of them were from Parco next Next so it was good to see familiar faces while they shoot us in the tee..  :

haha , Dani wasn't around so we printed her face to bring her to the shoot so she can be in it >>> missing her already ):

 Chillin at the couch with Saloni Rathor and Kae hana waiting for our turn !

our "priceless" tee !!

anddddd its a wrap
MASH-UP WITH the rest of the Parco next Next designers -(from left) SALONI RATHOR / FAYYTH and Kae Hana : 

sending some MASH-UP LOVIN' look out for the next issue of seventeen magazine !!!

Peace and Love,


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