25 Jun 2012

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Hello People !!!! how's it goin !! with one person less we've been really busy !!! Nation pride is nearing !!!!  Anyways here's a pic with the winner of the MASH-UP X CATALOG clutch winner : Geraldine !! >> sending some MASH-UP lovin !! 

Read more about how we did it here: MASHUP X CATALOG

Me and Shaf on a casual Parco day :

Also I styled a shoot with Fadli Rahman for Vulture Magazine !! Unfortunately it seems I always forget to take bts photos !!! here are some headgears i gathered for the shoot 

Vulture Magazine is launching on the 26th so keep checking this space for more updates !!!

Here are some photos of our daily life via instagram >> 

me and Lenne getting ready to bleach some denim !!>

one of the days i decided to wear batik head to toe >>

That's my stash of Necklaces hehe >>

I found this choker in a thrift store , its my spirit animal !!!! 

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