16 Jan 2012


Yes we've been busy, but everything is coming into place, everything looks really good, we promise more sneaks every post !!!! I was just speaking to Dani and we realised that we don't get Monday blues anymore because we are doing what we wanna do, I am so excited I am literally vibrating on the chair in the studio !!

So, this post is for one of our statement pieces, we were looking at Native American armour and breastplates, but instead of doing a body harness, we thought, hey why don't we make a dress made out of chains ?!!! 
These are some of the body armour and breastplates images we found via google:

How sick is the image on the right? The top is made out of ropes ! @#$!! they used these to protect themselves while hunting/fighting. Because the armour is meant to be BOLD and heavy we knew we couldn't use dainty momma's chains for them. also we've always been obsessed with the PVC plastic chains you get from hardware store and decided to use it for the dress, it was so difficult getting it in black, we found this roll along one of the hardware stores near Sungei Road:

First I started by using leftover velvet trimmings to layout where I wanted the chain to be and then came the hard part, using the chains and then attaching them with giant rings using pliers, seriously, this process is such a bitch ...

It was so good seeing Celine when she visited us in the studio during her stopover and tried on a few things , got this picture from her blog : ANNIIEEMAL ( missing the annieemal girls)  Oh and that's Dani tryin to be Missy Elliot . Stay tuned for more sneaks.

oh , what a mash-up monday ! 


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