13 Jan 2012

Branding; not just for cattle

 recently went for a branding and marketing class.
If we look at the history of branding, it has negative connotations... who wants to be likened to a cattle with a  'branded' bum, really?

Do brands brand us or do we brand brands?
Our perception of a brand would brand the brand, but the brand brands itself so that it's branding will brand our perception. (take some time to chew that one up....)

I was looking at Orchard Central yesterday and looking at all the logos flashing at the  shopping centre's front, mentally saying out the brands as i saw them.. Desigual..Nike..etc.. and.. wait a minute. Nowhere did it state that that was Nike, it was just a tick. I was like...now that is how deeply in our culture Nike has infiltrated our minds. That just by looking at a tick, I would think of Nike and sports and..wow that doesn't make sense in words!

 As we build MASH-UP as a brand, it is important to know that first and foremost we are humans. We aren't cattle. Secondly, we have personalities that are complex and are changing all the time, similarly a brand has to be an organic body that will grow and change with it's customer but needs to keep it's values clear at all times.
Thirdly, this is all very deep and complex, it is a friday and thus we will end this here and go down a beer to balance this off.

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