26 Sep 2011

Takashi Iwasaki

In the spirit of Nat's obsession with Japan and my obsession with embroidery and colour theory, here is a Japanese artist that you might have come across.
I love artists that use primitive shapes and techniques (like embroidery) and push the genre. Takashi uses collages as well, the whole idea of using old images to create new is really in line with USEDUNUSED's raison d'ĂȘtre, check out his other work, it's worth every second in gold. It kind of reminds me of Kandinsky, it has a real cute rhythm...if that makes sense. As i have, as of late, been teaching kids art and craft, i realize I have started to notice art and design principles/elements a LOT more. Or at least I have begun to talk about them more. Like I say to them, art is like a language and it is through lines and other elements that we are able to express emotions. I love art that affects me, and Takashi's work makes me smile, hope it does it to you too :) click here for the rest of his work!

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