28 Sep 2011

Robinsons & MIO TV Present Prime Time Fall Fashion

As we know, at USEDUNUSED we love to party. And we love fashion. As much as we love D.I.Y.
Avalon has finally reached our shores bringing supastars like Ludacris to our shores. Also, of club Avalon (LA) fame are DJs like Steve Aoki who is no stranger to our Singapore. more about him later.

Tomorrow, Robinsons will be showing it's 2011 A/W collection at Avalon tomorrow AND WE WOULD LOVE TO BE THERE.
Robinsons has been re-vamping lately and I loved their visual merchandizing at MBS. (which one of our friends, Shanna, is actually in charge of hehe)

Here is a picture of Steve Aoki  (3 years ago!!!) in one of our DIY head-dresses when he first came to Singapore. He grabbed it off my head! It was a really great party. It was back in the days when we were still in Art College and had plenty of time to make silly costumes when we went for club nights. This night, the theme was neo-native americans. I remember we had Grey Goose spilt all over our faces. And it was so crowded we were pushed against the barricades. Good times.
I wonder if club Avalon promises all this....

We were young and we were free.

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