21 Sep 2011

City-ng Bulls

I grew up in a third world country, Bolivia, and when I left in 1997 there was still no sign of big fast food joints like McDonald's (which Shaf, the one with the broken leg and 1/3 of USEDUNUSED has not eaten in 6 months...I find that amazing). I remember me and my siblings refused to get on an escalator because we were afraid of it.
Fast forward 14 years later and I am living in one of the most metropolitan cities in the world, Singapore. Although I can't go a day without my Android, I do enjoy the slow-paced life too.I'd like to think I could survive the beach life/country life without the internet but honestly...I might go a little crazy.
Last year, all 3 of us and my sister and a friend, Stefan, headed down to Vietnam for about 8 days. We fell in love with the "outskirts". Most people outside of the city do not speak english but that's the great thing about humans, we speak a language a lot deeper than that..and all it needs is an expressive set of hands and body language.
Anyway, the point of this was to show this Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam. It was literally crazy, designed by a Vietnamese woman that's known as the Crazy Lady, a daughter of a Russian man and a Vietnamese woman and she studied Architecture in HK. It is her house but also a museum,hotel and the rooms have different themes. It was super amazing like a cross between Alice in Wonderland/Disney/Tim Burton inspirations. You can have a room in a concrete tree or a cave. Concrete animals, trees and mountains. There is a concrete house that has elements of a temple and a chalet. In the main building is a restaurant and the lady’s office.

I just like the fact that even in a little unknown corner in Vietnam, someone out there with a crazy vision went out and did something about it. You don't have to change the world but your little acts of rebellion may inspire someone. Like me.

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That's USEDUNUSED in the beary cute room

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and this is me !!!

xAnd this is me  again, saying goodnight. Don't forget..small acts of rebellion!

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