1 Sep 2013

Locos in Tokyo

We'll be launching our Autumn-Winter 2013 in October, but here is a taste of it and the inspiration that came into it.

The idea came as we came across Japanese 'chicano' rapper videos on YouTube, where you would see Japanese rappers hanging out in low-riders and donning bandanas/chicano fashion. We also came across an interesting article on huffington post looking at this phenomenon.

We then researched on all the kitsch images from both American-Mexican and Japanese cultures like luchadors, low-riders, woodblock prints (check out the beautiful and iconic Hokusai wood-block prints) and started going crazy on our own Mash-Up cola concoction. Mixing all the different elements and using kimono details in different ways, at the front, the back, on a skirt.....

for the first time we are turning art bar into a fashion installation,
our girl Paola will be at the facepaint booth giving ya'll the attention you need.
not forgetting the D.I.Y photobooth from 11-2am 
with good music by Dave Does ! 

its gonna be a sickening night !

don't forget to check out the fb invite for deets : FACEBOOK

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