29 Apr 2013


i know we've not been blogging much but we've been so busy as fashion week is around the corner. Here's  what we've been up to :

Here's the three of us before the reopening of Parco next Next . Can't believe its been a year ( wipes a tear ) It has been a great journey with fellow Parco designers and everybody that we met along the way  

Our shop also got a makeover . Now we are able to run around in circles  (: 

This picture was taken during our reopening during the fashion presentation, this would be one of the looks we'll be showcasing in AUDI FASHION FESTIVAL. We have something exciting up our sleeves this time and we're not going to tell you just yet. There's also going to be something happening during the AFF party with Butterfactory and the Aos DJs that's happening on the same day ;)

speaking of parties , BASHUP 04 will be on the 11 of may to kickoff fashion week :

We're in the process of making the props and we are so excited that Blueprint will be joining forces ! keep in touch with our facebook for more updates here : 

so its gonna be an exciting month indeed !! NO SLEEP FOR DAYS . WHO NEEDS SLEEP . WE'RE PUMPED AND WE'RE READY TO GO !!!!!! GO !!! GO !!!!!!!!! 

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