28 Jan 2013


So here's what we were up to after Bali : 

me and Dani were representing MASH-UP giving workshops to the hilltribes of Mowakhi and Lampoon, it was a fruitful experience, here's a summary :

Here's us at 545pm at our gate 

me and Nadia after a 6 hour delay (thanks scoot -.-) trying to look as fresh as possible... arriving at Bangkok about 2am and having to wait for our bus to Chiang mai at 7am is seriously quite torturing.

perhaps the best bus ride ever , we knocked out for 9 hours only waking up to have our snacks and lunch ...

finally in Chiang Mai on the back of a pickup truck with Mai ( a kid from Mowakhi village ) and Nadia ( Volunteer who made this trip possible ) , 3 more hours up the mountain to the village of Mowakhi

finally in Mowakhi : 

 our humble abode, this house is built by a man, not machine !

Wearing her dress from Nadia

Animals are kept under the house 

It was too cold in the mountains, can't be bothered to take a bath .... 

We did a workshop in the school, teaching kids how to make hand puppets :

A Karen Tribe woman weaving at her crib in the morning..

Carbs for breakfast 

At the IMPECT office in Chiang Mai getting a rest before heading to Lampoon 

Amazing view in the village of Lampoon

Meet Jonas, a German spending his gap year volunteering with IMPECT , here's where the girls sleep in

and the boy's humble abode

This is the first time this village had any guest and visitors so naturally, we got a big feast.. yum.

we weren't expecting a fancy festival like treatment, very underdressed in our 'village-clothes' we introduced new items for the karen women to incorporate their beadings and weaving to , we taught them a bib collar and yoga mat :

a finished yoga mat by one of the tribeswomen using their own weaving

Here's some of the beading they did incorporating some of our own beads and their seeds for the bib collar :

Our last night, chillin by the ruins of Chiang Mai town :

At warong road market  :

Look at the size of the mango sticky rice woah !

And I leave you with an image of all these China factory made (fake) Hilltribe stuff, this is the reason why they stopped buying from the hilltribe , on a side note, anybody interested in the Yoga Mats can email Daniela  :



see you soon Chiang Mai

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