9 Jan 2013


Hi guys, apologies for the lack of post ! For the holidays, the MASH-UP crew all decided we needed a break and coincidentally M.I.A is performing  in Bali, we took that as a sign and bought tickets . We were so excited that we actually booked the wrong dates, thankfully we could rectify that!! It was good to meet all the new people, and we got to meet M.I.A in person so dreams do come true ! We actually bumped into her the night before when we were at the traffic light in our taxi and she was on a bike beside us. Shaf started screaming like a fanboy, it was too coincidental and we saw that as a good omen. 

M.i.A  was ammmmazzzzzing, despite us being wet from all the rowdy bogans splashing water from the pool and shaf being pushed into the pool, it was all worth it !! We were really blessed cus shaf went to talk to the guards who talked to the manager and maybe the stars were aligned or something but our prayers were answered and we got to meet maya in person ! And it was more surreal when the manager told us she read our tweet about bumping into maya at the traffic light, how crazy is that , and how amazing were the artwork before the performance :

wet and sticky but we still got a picture and a hug and perhaps a 10 min conversation 

It was truly a good break for us, here's just a summary of Bali :

 view from the temple in uluwatu ^

Gerger beach, one of our favourite beaches, white sand with clear water ! ^

 BBQ corn at dreamland beach ^

you know you're in kuta when you see this everywhere #landoftrash ^

Guess house hostel , when it rains, we spend our time in the hostel watching chick flicks and eating pop mie ^

surf class for Dani and Jemie, that's Dani on a long board ^


Sunset at La plancha ^

Some of our new friends we made in the hostel ^

Free Salsa classes ^

Pretty amazing to bump into a fellow Singaporean, this is Nadia post river rafting and walking up 200 flights of stairs, we just realised we got cheated when we bought a cd with our photos in it ( we didn't follow our gut feelings ) ^


Lovely couple we met at the hostel ^

Dinner at the hostel before the new year countdown ^

after two hours of rest, we flew off at 10am and got ready for BASH-UP , we would like to thank everybody who came down for the BASH-UP party, it was a good turn out and we had lots of fun, do keep checking our fb for updates for the next one ! (hint : nearing to March) Thank you everybody for supporting MASH-UP and we feel like 2013 will have great things installed for us . Till then, happy belated new year !!!! 



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