29 Oct 2012

all i do is turn up

I have no idea what halloween actually celebrates, that's a bad thing isn't it?
Whatever it is, we're always down with something that encourages a mass of people to dress up ;)

This time round, our friends have outdone themselves, they deserve a tv series. Here are photos from the week-end!

As for me, I skipped this halloween but that's only because next week we're holding the Bash-Up party at Fash and we gon' go hard at the Space Zoo. Here is a preview of some stuff that we're working on, don't forget to RSVP here:

And I leave you with a sight that only happens this time of the year ;)

Also, check out this sick mixtape by Dave, perfect for working out/ignoring people in public transport.



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  1. The french-fries and ketchup costumes are ingenious! Haha, did they come as a couple? ;)

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