1 Sep 2012

Team Mash-Up goes Cray

As you might know by now, our Autumn/Winter collection is inspired by an imaginary basketball team from Atlanta (best place for hip hop music right now) and the lost city of Atlantis. It's kind of an underwater Space Jam and Team Mash-Up's uniforms are all inspired by what Atlantis would be inhabited with; underwater creatures.

One of the inspirations for A/W 13, the cray cray crayfish.
We have Kanye to thank for this one, we had n****s in paris on loop the whole of last season and it must have been embedded in the depths of our consciousness.
Well crayfish..lobster..potayyto potahhhtoh.

What also inspired us is the lobster dress by Elsa Schiaperelli. She is probably one of our favourite Couturiers and her  collaborations with Salvador Dali were genius.
We researched on the subliminal messages behind lobsters and these are some of the qualities that we
found profoundly interesting.

When the lobster swims into your consciousness, it's time to scour your personal landscape for treasures waiting in your midst.
In general, the lobster asks you to do stuff like:
  • Seek out unorthodox solutions around you.
  • Pick through options you've not considered before.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt for hidden treasures that nurture your soul.
  • Use your sensory 'antenna' to scout out the best resources for your life.
  • Allow yourself to find balance between softly vulnerable and well-defended.
  • Drop those useless limbs of past wounds so you can be free to scamper to new vistas.
  • Contemplate protective/defense mechanisms. Make sure they're healthy and functional - and molt if you sense you've become hardened.

And with this we look back at the famous lobster dress by Elsa

Earlier this year a whole lot of Schiaparelli came into fashion news through the Prada museum show collabo and the 1stdibs.com release of rare Elsa Schiaparelli pieces. Check out this compact mirror and other pieces

So in our own Mash-Up way, we pay homage to Elsa and Dali's collaboration which dates back almost a century later. How fashion comes back into a circle, huh? 

Here is our lobster dress, come check it out at out launch next saturday 8th September!

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