12 Mar 2012

Per Square Inch

In a world where every square inch costs money, white space/ empty space is always a luxury. So here is some

Anyway, our launch date is coming closer.. we will have our physical store opening in less than a month!! that is loco!

We really wanted to make use of recycled materials, whether we actually do manage to make it is a thing of the future...and fate...and extraterrastial will!! But, it would be cool. Check out this plastic fake chair hehe

We also wanted to have a "street" theme...lliterally!

And what is a street without graffitti? And bums? And cardboard signs? And signs? And shiny lights? And vandalized things?

Dark days call for dark drawings, here are some initial plans for the shop, most of it changed along the way but..I was not kidding when I said we wanted a street.
And we really wanted fun floors made with duct tape, but unless you live in an 1980s dream I doubt the streets are filled with these..but we would get there!

And this is duct tape gone crazy. Which is probably what is going to happen since we will be doing most of the shop decor ourselves. I am taking bets to see who will end up taped to the wall first, nat? or shaf? *twighlight zone*

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