26 Mar 2012


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glitter text generator

ITS MASH-UP MONDAY,  and since our launch is on the 14th of april we're super duper busy (and excited ) we're literally gonna D.I.Y almost every furniture in the shop, its gonna be really $wagggggg !!! Although it has been a busy month, we found time to rest this weekend and decided to check out Artwalk at Wessex Village, its this area with colonial houses that belong to artists who turned them into their studio and homes. Artwalk is an event where they would open their studios/homes to the public, its been long since we've been to any exhibitions, sorry for the fuzzy photos:

Laila Azra

I love Laila's use of Colours, Its very Psychedelic and raw. She's also very experimental in her technique and approach, she uses unconventional mediums like threads. She says when she paints she does it in the moment so when she feels like she dosn't like it she paints over and it forms new textures .

Frances Alleblas

Her technique is mainly charcoal and printmaking, I love how there's asian influences but she makes it very subtle, its very dreamy and I could stare at them forever, they give off a very calming effect.

Lee Gilbert

 Lee likes pop culture and he infuses them in his painting, He likes to paint the turning point of a film resulting in lots of movement in his paintings

Milica Bravacic-Milla

Milica is a textile artist ,  She is inspired by Peranakan culture,  I love the huge paintings with the silk screened backgrounds. She has a little space in her home where she hold classes teaching portfolio preparation for art colleges.

Inspri: Chin, Siang, Xing

Chin Siang and Xing is a family of artist, Xing is a neurosurgeon, their whole family is inclined to the arts and science and even sports, they love marathons . Xing does these architectural drawings , and she does them on the spot without a pencil or eraser, her father says when she gets tired she switches hands. How amazing is that

I hope you were as inspired as we were looking at the artworks ,oh and Hunger games is out! If you've not checked the movie out you should ! I watched it twice( such a geek i know) Oh ! and do read the trilogy, i promise you'll be hooked !

Having a great Monday!!


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