7 Nov 2011

Mitten Monsters : Because your food has feelings too..

Hey you guys,
Its Shaf, uhuh- my first post ever!
We're just finished sponsoring mittens made out of second hand clothing for Delcie's Desserts and Cakes, for their opening launch. Not only is Delcie's Desserts organic, it is guilt-free, egg-free, dairy-free and diabetic friendly. Here is their link : DELCIE'S. Their cranberry brownie is honestly to die for....and nothing had to die in the process of making it ;)

What can be more appropriate for a baker but OVEN MITTENS.?
We used vintage garments to compliments Delcie's eco-friendly approach
So here's a sneak peek

Step 1: Get as many garments/miscellaneous

Step 2: Cut out the shape of the mitten of cut fabrics and applique details if you want, for us, we did eyes and mouths to give our mittens that extra BITE. 


Step 3: Cut out the wadding and sandwich in between the main cloth and a lining cloth, then do the quilting

Step 4: We stitched the USEDUNUSED LOGO. After the quilting, sew 2 pieces together (right side to right side) and turn inside out.  Also, to finish the bottom edge, sew on binding and a loop for hanging.

Step 5: TADAAA!

                                                            and it comes with a bag!

USEDUNUSED Team at work

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